Success Stories

Kiran Malik

Kiran was enrolled in fourth batch of BBSYDP and in 2017 she completed her beautician course from vocational center of WDFP with collaboration of BBSYDP.  After trainings she made links with her community women in Naval Colony Maripur and made her customers. She also learnt further advance courses of beautician from other institutes as well. She made parlor setup at her home and today her parlor is well known in Maripur area.


Additional with her expertise, she also joined 6 days trainings of “Women for Peace” Project of WDFP and conducted peace session with community women and customers of her area and also facilitating women.


Noreen is a married woman who belongs to Christian Community and was Stitching student in fourth batch of BBSYDP. After trainings she made good links with community women of Father Colony Maripur and now she sews clothes and earns some amount for daily expenditure. She is also Peace Ambassador of WDFP who attended training sessions of “Women for Peace” Project of WDFP and facilitating women of her area


Sajida is a housewife who used to live ordinary life with family in Maripur. Once she got training in cooking and marketing, she started her own small business of food supply (home-based kitchen). WDFP hired her services during CPHC project, WDFP gave her opportunity to make various food items and sell it in Dhaba.

Qadeer Ahmed

Qadeer uses too attend LSBE and other sessions in Maripur Center during CPHC project, In January he applied for internship in WDFP. During internship he got enrolled in Dastangoi by NAPA. Through the program he polished his hidden talent, skills of Dastangoi. His acting was appreciated by trainers. WDFP offered him job of social mobilizer in September for AEN project and NAPA also gave him opportunity to act in a short play. Through WDFP platform media covered his live performance of Dastangoi and showed in the program. Qadeer was an ordinary boy and today he is working as an employee of WDFP and earning handsome amount by performing at different places of Pakistan.

Riaz Baloch

Riaz belongs to deprived Baloch family and he is living in Maripur.  He is running his laundry shop in Maripur and contributes financially at home. Before joining WDFP he uses to spare his time in Burglars gathering and known as immodest/shameless boy in community.  In August 2017 he applied for internship in WDFP for CPHC Project and got selected after interviews and tests. In opening ceremony of CPHC, he shared that before joining center I lacked confidence for doing good things and had a very bad temperament and behavior. But after joining this center my personality has groomed so much that I have also started realizing my roles and responsibilities towards society. He realized inner change in himself while working with WDFP and also served his services voluntarily after CPHC. When Dastangoi project introduced by NAPA in Maripur, he joined and become part of it. He polished his skills trainings and made place in hearts of trainer’s and community members by showing his talented performances.  After completion of trainings he was selected for scholarship in NAPA for 3 years Dastangoi course and performing Dastangoi at different platforms.

Husna Baloch

Husna, 21, girl belongs to deprived Baloch family and she lives in Lyari. Baloch families are mostly conservative and do not allow females to get participated for such activities. Husna heard about Dastangoi from her cousins who live in Maripur and then she joined Dastangoi classes eventually. Her interest developed more day by day and she insists her family to get enrolled for this course and her family supported her. Through training classes she polished her storytelling skills and got selected for three years scholarship by NAPA.


Ruby after divorce struggled to establish her identity as a beautician, she bears her expenses individually and her family as well. While many hardships, she established her parlor “The Shone” and created goodwill with community members. She joined 6 days trainings of “Women for Peace” Project by WDFP and delivered trainings to customers and community members regarding counter violent extremism, early marriages and women leadership. After so much inspiration from community members, she decided to facilitate people and to resolve their issues. In pursuance she offered her parlor space voluntarily for Peace Club and now she is running Peace Club with support and collaboration of WDFP.


Khansa, 18, belongs to Punjabi family and lives in Hijrat Colony. While outreach at Hijrat colony, team approached young talented girl who desire to work for her community members. In pursuance she joined 6 days training session of “Women for Peace” Project by WDFP and her confidence level boosted up during trainings. In Hijrat Colony she conducted Community Peace Sessions and aware women regarding their laws and rights. Her mother is councilor of Hijrat colony and running her vocational center in concession fees for community girls and women so that they can learn skills and earn some amount. Khansa got inspired from her mother and now she helps her mother in facilitating women and also running Peace Club at her own vocational center in Hijrat Colony.